FNDeal Review: Is FNDeal fraud or legitimate?

Are you planning to invest on FNDeal assets? Read the FNDeal Review written by our experts. The validity of FNDeal operations and if it is a scam are discussed in this FNDeal review. Investing with FNDeal broker is not safe, as evidenced by several unfavorable events. Based on verified data gathered from reliable sources, this FNDeal review is written by researchers and experts.

Basic Data about FNDeal

Website: https://trade.fndeal.com/

Address: N/A

Regulated: Unregulated 

Warning by: National Securities and Stock Market Commission (Ukraine)

National Securities and Stock Market Commission issues a warning about FNDeal

The National Securities and Stock Market Commission has issued a warning to FNDeal, stating concerns that the company is delivering financial services or products without sufficient license. This recommendation acts as a precautionary measure to protect investors from the potential dangers connected with conducting transactions with unregulated businesses. These warnings highlight the importance of regulatory compliance and due diligence in the financial sector.

Overview of FNDeal

The inaccessibility of FNDeal’s website, https://trade.fndeal.com/, and the lack of a physical address raise concerns about the company’s validity. The National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine has issued alerts on FNDeal, referring to potential investment dangers. When considering involvement with FNDeal, exercise caution because of the lack of transparency and regulatory monitoring, which could result in significant financial losses. To protect themselves from potential fraud, users must conduct a thorough investigation and check the credibility of any investment proposition before contributing funds.

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