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Read the 4XHub review and know why we put this broker on the list of scam brokers.

4XHub Review

4XHub is a brand of 4XHub Limited and is based in Malaysia. The address is Lot 7616, Kensington Gardens, JalanJumidarBuyong, Labuan F.T. 87000, Malaysia. 4X Hub’s email addresses are and The phone number is +61 (0) 288 665 300. You can also communicate your message by filling out an online form or having a live chat. Read our 4X Hub review for more information about the broker. WHOIS data about website owners are hidden.

4XHub review: people behind 4X Hub

CavitPolat is in an advisory position on compliance and operational matters. Wei Xu is the Chief Technology Officer, and Ms Elsa Santika is the Principal Officer/Compliance Office of the 4X Hub and is supported by Richard Whelan.

4XHub concentrates and is focused on forex products. And they believe they can deliver the highest quality of execution. The company started to receive liquidity from all major liquidity providers.

4XHub review: regulations

The broker claims to be regulated and authorized by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) in Malaysia and the license number is MB/20/0055. The company is incorporated in Labuan and its number is LL16731. The regulatory authority is a low-profile regulatory authority.

One should remember that if the regulating authority is not strict or of low profile, the trader’s capital is at risk.

4XHub review: accounts

Accounts offered by 4XHub are Classic, designed for all types of traders (initial deposit of $100). Professional, designed for professional traders (initial deposit of $2000). VIP is designed for expert traders (initial deposit of $50000). Spreads are from 0.8 pips to 0.0 pips depending on account type. The leverage offered is 1:100, which is reasonable as per many regulating authorities.There is a demo for all account types.

4XHub review: trading platform

4XHub offer award-winning and popular MetaTrader4 (MT4) software or platform. Most legitimate brokers prefer MT4 or MT5 (its higher version). The server is located in the Equinix LD4 data center in London, UK. Along with the Celer Tech aggregator, it provides ultra-fast order execution, that is, less than a millisecond. The MT4 platform provides high-frequency trading globally and the best trading conditions for scalping.  

4XHub review: trading instruments and markets

Currency pairs (60+), commodities (gold, silver, oil), indices (10), and cryptocurrencies (BTC, XRP, ETH).

4XHub review: countries of service

4X Hub is available to citizens of the US, Australia, Singapore, and China.

Why not deal with 4XHub?

  • Regulated and authorized by low-profile regulator.
  • No compensation if the company winds up its operation or goes bankrupt. Investor or trader money is not safe.
  • Suspected of being in the pyramid scheme. TR Forex, its predecessor, was involved in the Forex pyramid scheme scam.
  • Absorbing client’s funds through the AB position insurance hedging model.
  • Poor credit rating-credit rating CCC.

Is 4XHub Legit? Final Thoughts

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