Aglo Trade Review – How safe is to invest here?

After conducting some research on investing forums and social media platforms, we learned that many people had negative experiences with Aglo Trade and left conflicting opinions about it. You should examine it before making an investment because it appears that Aglo Trade is an unreliable investment company. Read a complete Aglo Trade review, and you’ll see that not all things are as good as they appear. We’re going to expose a scammer.


Address: Platzerring 615 3789 Poysdorf Austria

Warning: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus)

Regulated? Unregulated

Aglo Trade is a pretty typical example of a website that pretends to be a real, authorized forex broker but is an anonymous internet scam that takes advantage of people who don’t know much about the internet. We’ll go into great detail in this article about how to recognize these scams and the reasons you should never entrust Aglo Trade with your money.

Regulation of trade and fund security by Aglo

The full and clear name of the legal entity that owns and runs a forex broker is given. The location of the legal entity, the licenses it holds, and the regulatory agencies that monitor its operations are all included in this. This kind of information is often left out or given wrong, which is a red flag that the claim is probably made up.

Aglo Trade is entirely anonymous, as was already stated. The website, other paperwork, and the client agreement make no mention of running a business. That alone demonstrates that Aglo Trade-Off is a sham.

On the website’s home page, it says that the unnamed owner corporation has licenses in Belize and Mauritius, which are both offshore jurisdictions. Additionally, there is a partial Austrian contact address provided.

The client agreement’s language, on the other hand, names Vanuatu’s offshore zone as the additional appropriate jurisdiction.

Aglo Trade trading platform

The software, which is the most important piece of hardware for FX trading, is not even mentioned on the Aglo Trade website. When we signed up for an account, we found out that Aglo Trade has a pretty simple web-based trading interface.

This platform doesn’t have as many features as the software that good brokers use, but it can still show technical indicators and let orders be placed.

By going through a licensed broker, you can get access to well-known software with cutting-edge features and versions for different hardware and operating systems. The two trading platforms that are most commonly used in the market are MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

These platforms have become the industry standard because they have so many features, such as a wide range of customization options, support for multiple accounts, the ability to create and use customized scripts for automated trading, and the ability to test trading strategies in the past.

Exchange rates for Aglo Trade

Although it doesn’t go into great detail on the terms, Aglo Trade claims that it offers three different types of trading accounts. There are only two conditions listed: a $150 minimum deposit and a 1:100 to 1:500 leverage range.

Forex brokers with a good reputation offer different types of trading accounts to meet the needs of clients with different amounts of capital and investment goals. These brokers also fully and openly reveal the trading characteristics, such as leverage, spread, commissions, order execution method, etc.

Another warning sign that Aglo Trade might not be a licensed broker in a controlled nation like Cyprus or Austria is the fact that it offers you a lot of leverage.

How should I react to scams?

After being scammed, you should tell other people who might fall for the same thing as soon as you can. You should also report the scammers to your country’s financial regulators.

You have a few choices when it comes to getting your money back. You can ask for a chargeback if the con artists used credit or debit cards to buy things. Companies like Visa and MasterCard can now make these inquiries 540 days after the transaction. Even if you gave the con artists your ID, they can still say that you didn’t do what they asked. Furthermore, scammers frequently use shady cryptocurrencies and e-wallets that restrict refunds.

Another type of con artist on the internet often takes advantage of people who have already been scammed by offering to return their money in exchange for a payment up front. Such offers should never be taken seriously.

Scammed by Aglo Trade? Scam Helpers can help

Also, if you are a victim of the Aglo Trade scam, or other scams like the forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, binary scam, etc., file a complaint here to get your funds back. Scam Helpers can process your complaint and help you in fund recovery. We should begin and determine the matter before the harm is considerably greater. Your one step can save you and other people from being cheated by such brokers.

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