Please read our BBSlimited review to understand why we advise against using this broker for your trading activities. To dispel any uncertainty, the broker’s website is

Upon reviewing their website, it becomes evident that they lack affiliation with any regulatory agency. This is a Significant Cautionary Indicator. This factor alone should dissuade you from considering any investments with them.

Website –

Address – 207 9 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2P 1K3, Canada

Warning – Autorité des marchés financiers (Quebec)

Regulation – Unregulated


Is BBSlimited legit or a scam broker?

BBSlimited represents yet another unregulated forex broker, leaving customers devoid of safeguards. There’s a significant likelihood that they could abscond with your hard-earned funds, and the absence of regulatory oversight means they won’t be held accountable. 

Furthermore, they associate themselves with platforms offering “Automated trading software,” a well-known red flag due to the prevalence of fraudulent activities associated with such websites. If you’ve encountered the BBSlimited broker, you’ll swiftly discern the extent of this company’s deceitful nature. For a deeper insight into this investment scam, proceed with our comprehensive BBSlimited review.


BBSLimited Review: Trading Platform

BBSlimited provides a web trader trading platform that operates as featuring restricted capabilities. Despite the unscrupulous broker’s assertion that their web trader caters to both novices and seasoned traders, we remain skeptical of this claim due to its generic functions that lack the capacity to guarantee profitable trading outcomes.


Why BBSlimited is a Completely Fraudulent, Untrustworthy, and Scam Forex Broker?


Promising assured success 

The forex market, including its specific dynamics, remains devoid of guarantees. With countless variables that can swiftly shift, anyone proclaiming certain profits or guaranteed outcomes is essentially promoting a scam.


Lack of evidence or details about BBSlimited

Encountering images displaying profit charts is a simple feat. Fraudsters possess adeptness in showcasing solely profits, conveniently omitting losses over a given timeframe. In more severe instances, they might even present charts sourced from demo trading accounts, entirely divorced from actual trading realities.

Relying on such scant information or any other limited source for decisions involving collaboration or product acquisition is inadvisable. Request comprehensive background information and complete disclosure encompassing both profits and losses. Should they evade or provide vague responses, it is likely indicative of a scam.


Unsolicited Marketing Approaches

Engaging in unsolicited and relentless marketing often signifies deceptive practices. If you encounter pressure to swiftly acquire a product or service without sufficient details and time for consideration, this could potentially be a scamming attempt. Exercise heightened vigilance if they start soliciting personal information that could be exploited for identity theft or similar purposes. Should the situation feel uneasy and forceful, it’s advisable to steer clear.


Withdrawal Issues

Should you intend to make a withdrawal, regardless of whether you’ve earned profits or not, the process is likely to be intentionally prolonged by several months. This strategy is designed to surpass the six-month chargeback period, rendering your funds irretrievable. Despite any number of reminders or persistent requests for withdrawal, recovering your money from this scenario is improbable.



BBSlimited asserts itself as a “world-leading broker” with extensive experience and a multitude of accolades, but these claims lack credibility. The website’s subpar quality, contradictory data, and absence of verifiable credentials cast doubt on the authenticity of these assertions. A swift fact-check unveils the truth that BBSlimited is nothing more than another deceitful website attempting to capitalize on the cryptocurrency fervor and exploiting the general public’s unfamiliarity with financial markets.

If you’ve become a target of a fraud broker, swift action is imperative. Begin by cutting off all communication with the scammer to minimize further damage. By submitting a complaint form on our platform, you can avail yourself of a free consultation with our team of specialists. Our primary objective is to assist you in tackling your predicament efficiently and devising strategies to surmount the challenges you’re facing.

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