Scam Helpers advise investors not to invest in CryptoFXpro, as it is suspected to be a potential scam broker. Read a complete CryptoFXpro review, and you’ll see that not all things are as good as they appear. We’re going to expose a scammer.


Address: United Kingdom

Warning: British Columbia Securities Commission (British Columbia)

CryptoFXPro is a very blatant fraud attempt that epitomizes everything that is wrong with shady brokers. Despite claiming to be situated in the UK, this firm has not given either a location or even a phone number. Additionally, they lack a license from the FCA, the UK’s financial authority. There is no doubt regarding this broker’s motivations, they merely want to defraud users.

Looking for a reliable and trusted online trading platform? It is our first concern to make you aware of the brokers you should stay away from. We have done profound exploration, looked at various brokers and trading conditions, and prepared a comprehensive list of scam brokers 2022 to aid your decision-making.

CryptoFXpro is an online trading platform claimed to be owned by CryptoFX Pro and it is located in the United Kingdom. They also claim that users can open an account within a minute and access the global market from any device. But all these claims are not to be true because they are regulated and possibly involved in scams. To avoid any scam broker you can read the cryptocurrency scam list before trading.

We include the name of CryptoFXpro here because it is not a legit broker. For fledgling brokers or clueless clients, will appear as a genuine investment opportunity for unsuspecting users and novice traders. 

Considering this broker as genuine is not a big deal, essentially because of its visuals, and somewhat because of the multitude of commitments it makes. In any case, we are here to expose this broker and share with you the reason for presenting this CryptoFXpro review.

Reasons for keeping CryptoFXpro in the list of Scam Brokers

After taking a look at the Cryptofx website and Cryptofx login, we found numerous warnings that should be enough for you not to invest in them. Some of them are given below:

CryptoFXpro Review: Regulation

Being an unregulated firm is the worst thing, and it makes you an exploitative cheat. CryptoFXpro is a scam, and your money is at risk.

By investing your money in an unregulated and unlicensed broker, you are indirectly putting your funds in danger. For that reason, we ask our readers to invest with brokers who have licenses from authorities like FCA, ASIC, FMA, etc. Authorized brokers are covered by many prerequisites, and a large number of them apply anti-fraud practices. As such, they are the specific inverse of what these brokers and others like them represent.

CryptoFXpro Review: Withdrawal

If you have already invested your money with, you should immediately ask for a withdrawal as your money is not safe with an unregulated broker.

If you ask for a withdrawal, they will postpone the process by giving some reasons for a long time so you have no alternative but to file a complaint. 

How to keep yourself safe from scam brokers?

  • Do good research about the broker. Go through reviews and pick a broker with positive reviews. A conventional web search can give experiences into whether negative remarks could simply be a disappointed broker or something more serious.
  • Ensure the reviews do not contain anything negative about the broker’s withdrawal process.
  • If you are happy with your examination on a specific broker, then trade for a while first, and afterward attempt to make a withdrawal.
  • If you face some issues, discuss them with your broker. If it doesn’t go well, file a complaint and share your experience online with everyone.

CryptoFXpro Review: Conclusion

It is clear from the CryptoFXpro review that this broker is not right for trading. We unequivocally encourage all traders and investors to keep away from and similar brokers. If you really want to trade online, find a broker who is regulated and has trusted and positive reviews.

Also, if you are a victim of the CryptoFXpro scam, or other scams like the forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, binary scam, etc., file a complaint here to get your funds back. Scam Helpers can process your complaint and help you in fund recovery. We should begin and determine the matter before the harm is considerably greater. Your one step can save you and other people from being cheated by such brokers.

We hope this CryptoFXpro review helped you. If you feel you are scammed – Report a complaint here

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