FXGROSS TRADING Review – FXGROSS TRADING Review is warned by Financial Conduct Authority FCA

Address: 4590 Block, Crescent Avenue, London, UNITED KINGDOM

Telephone: +19562341837

Email: support@fxgross.com

Website: www.fxgross.com


FXGROSS TRADING is an investment platform that claims to be owned by FXGROSS TRADING. The domain can be found at http://www.fxgross.com/, and the address mentioned by the company is 4590 Block, Crescent Avenue, London, UNITED KINGDOM. They also provide a contact email, support@fxgross.com, and a phone number, +19562341837. All this information provided by FXGROSS is not true because the website is not in use or suspended. If you want to start trading with this broker, then read this complete FXGROSS TRADING review to know more about it. 

Is FXGROSS TRADING legit or a scam?

It is important to be cautious when considering investing in any financial product or service and to thoroughly research any company or website before providing any personal or financial information. Some red flags to watch out for include unrealistic or overly consistent returns, high-pressure sales tactics, and a lack of transparency or contact information. 

Additionally, be sure to check the website’s security certificate and avoid clicking on any suspicious links. If you have any doubts or concerns, it is best to consult with a financial advisor or regulator before proceeding.

FXGross Trading claims to be a legitimate broker, but they have no evidence that should prove that they are legit. In fact, the company’s website is not in use. They also hide the details of their regulated license, which is a serious issue in determining whether this broker is legit or a scam.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning against FXGross Trading. According to the FCA, this platform is not regulated to provide financial services and is also blacklisted by them. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Method and Fees

FXGross Trading does not show any details about its deposit and withdrawal method on its website. FXGross also hide the minimum deposit amount and withdrawal fees, which makes them suspicious. 

How does the FXGROSS TRADING scam work? 

Scam brokers may target you if you are a novice trader on a trading platform. Scammers could initially contact you via a variety of channels, including online advertisements, social media, phone calls, or email. Following that, they extend an invitation for you to join them in investing.

You realise after a few days that you were the victim of an online scam, a cryptocurrency scam, a forex scam, or another scam carried out by scam brokers. You are aware that all the money has already been taken by scam brokers when you try to withdraw your money. Before making an investment, we suggest that you look out a broker’s regulated licence on the regulator’s website.

Customer review and Complaints

FXGROSS TRADING received negative ratings and reviews from clients on all other platforms. We learned that this broker is unlicensed and may be a potential scam broker after reading this review and all the good and bad FXGROSS TRADING reviews. To help you avoid scam brokers, we provide a list of scam brokers 2023 on the Report Scam website.

Is it safe to invest with FXGROSS TRADING?

FXGROSS TRADING is an unregulated and blacklisted scam broker. They were warned by the FCA regulatory authority and falsely claim to be regulated. So it is not safe to invest with FXGROSS TRADING. If you already invested funds with this broker then withdraw all the money as soon as possible otherwise scam brokers steal all your money. 


We discovered that this broker does not possess a valid license. We advise staying away from doing business with this broker to protect the security of your funds. If you were the victim of a cryptocurrency scam, a forex fraud, or any other scam, you can submit a chargeback for fund recovery. On our Scam Helpers website, fill out the complaint form and you will get a free consultation, and we guided you through the fund recovery procedure by our professionals.

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