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We know for sure that Goarbit is a fraud based on the way they conduct business. Read this GoArbit review to learn more about the GoArbit scam.

They are hawking the possibility of making money where they promise to offer a digital cryptocurrency investment system. Goarbit claims to make money from arbitrage trading and crypto mining, respectively. Goarbit is a private equity business team with experts in technology, finance, and business in the website’s marketing materials.

On January 26, 2020, GoArbit privately registered the domain name “goarbit.com” for its website. GoArbit makes no mention of the company’s owners or executives on the GoArbit website.

GoArbit lists Maximo Martinez as the company’s founder and CEO in their remuneration documentation. Martinez is said to have his headquarters in the Dominican Republic. I couldn’t discover an MLM history on Martinez, possibly because of linguistic issues. His corporate biography on GoArbit is unspecific and doesn’t offer anything that can be independently verified.

They keep their clients’ financial investments a secret. The lack of a contact us page and a number of other crucial sections makes the website appear to be unfinished. These are all warning signs that need to be taken seriously.

GoArbit Products

GoArbit has no resaleable goods or services; instead, affiliates can only promote GoArbit affiliate membership.

Is your investment safe with GoArbit?

Goarbit has first failed to persuade us that its investments are in mining and arbitrage trading.

If they’re discussing mining, they ought to list their cryptocurrency mining packages and related costs.

Additionally, they assert that they provide services for arbitrage trading, in which case they ought to openly show their trading history on their website.

When there is no evidence of any trading activity, let alone profitable trading, we won’t presume that Goarbit is doing so. Second, they’ve declined to provide their location or the identity of the people in charge of the website.

This is uninspiring, and we think using this service could be unsafe. As they operate without a license despite claiming to provide a financial investment service, there is a chance that these scammers will flee with your money.

Compensation Plan

Affiliates of GoArbit crypto investments based on the claimed 0.5% to 1.5% daily Return.

  1. Affiliates of the Go tier invest $50 to $50,000 and earn 0.5% daily.
  2. Affiliates at the silver tier invest 2.5% over Go and get paid 1% every day.
  3. Affiliates in the Gold Tier who invest 5% over Go will receive 1.5% each day.

Monday through Friday, with a 200% maximum return per investment.


GoArbit claims that cryptocurrency arbitrage, mining, and trading create external ROI revenue.

None of these actions are supported by any evidence. Additionally, there is no proof that any form of external revenue was used to cover returns.

The mathematics underlying Ponzi schemes ensures that when they fail, the majority of investors lose money. 

If you ever fall victim to a ponzi scam, file a scam complaint against the scam broker. Fill out a complaint form on the Scam Helpers website, and our experts will help you throughout the fund recovery process. 

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