MbInvest Review

MBInvest is a brand of Nab Europe Limited and Money Markets International Limited. MBInvest has many websites, invmb.eu, investingmb.com, mbinv.eu, investmb.eu, and invmb.com. Similarly, they have many email IDs, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]. To know more about MBInvest, read the MBInvest Review. They can be contacted at +35314434493. According to domain registration, it is supposed to be based in Ireland. Official address is missing on the website.

MbInvest review: regulation

MBInvest is an online trading broker operating everywhere in the world. MBInvest is based in Dublin, Ireland. The company claims it was created in 1995 but the domain registration tells another story. MBInvest is not a regulated broker. It claims to be based in Ireland but it is not regulated by the CBI (Central Bank of Ireland), Ireland’s financial regulator. Traders and investors should be alert before investing or opening an account. It claims to be a trusted broker and is globally recognized for providing excellent and quality financial services. We, Scam Helpers, do not recommend this broker. US traders and investors are not accepted by this broker. It has more clients in Italy, France, and Poland.

MbInvest Review: trading platform

MBInvest claims to offer four different trading platforms, but actually, there is only one proprietary WebTrader in reality. WebTrader offers several indicators. It does not offer reputable software (platform) like MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5. There is no stop loss indicator or take profit. Also, it does not have a negative balance protection feature.

MbInvest Review: account types

Account types offered are Micro (minimum deposit $250), Silver (minimum deposit $2500), Gold (minimum deposit $10000), Platinum (minimum deposit $50000), and Exclusive (minimum deposit $200000).

The difference in accounts is in leverage, perks, and spread among different account types. MBInvest allows up to a 300% bonus while making the first or initial deposit. This is a red flag. At the time of withdrawing your bonus, the company asks you to meet impossible turnover targets. That makes it impossible to withdraw any amount. 

What steps can you take to minimize scams?

One way to hurt the company (broker) is to write reviews and comments on as many sites as possible. You will prevent others from becoming victims of this broker and will draw the attention of regulators all over the world. Please describe your side of the story on different platforms like social media, forums, the internet, etc. These scam brokers tend to change their websites frequently but keep calling their old clients (as they have your data, phone number, email, etc.). So if you get a call from the blue from a new and unknown site, be alert.

Another point is filing a chargeback. If too many chargebacks are filed, it disrupts the relationship between the payment provider firm (usually banks) and the scam broker. The payment provider takes appropriate steps, and that broker is blacklisted in their circle.

What to do if you are a victim of MBInvest?

MBInvest is blacklisted by, the Commissione Nazionale per le SocietĂ  e la Borsa (CONSOB), the Italian regulatory authority.

The first and foremost step you should take is to report to local authorities in your jurisdiction. Inform the regulatory bodies in your country. Regulatory bodies in advanced countries take the matter seriously. They investigate the matter, as they have needed tools and software for investigation and alert other regulators through their network.

Scammed by mbinvest ? Scam Helpers can help you.

It is clear from the MbInvest review that this broker is involved in scam activities. If you are a victim of the MbInvest scam, or forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, binary scam, bitcoin scam, or any other scam, contact us immediately.

Fill in the online complaint form on our website to book a free consultation. Our team of experts will study your case and help you get the best refund solution possible. We keep on receiving complaints from victims and help our clients file a dispute for a chargeback.

Remember, it is your hard-earned money and nobody has a right to it, except you and your family.

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