In this My Forex Funds review, we’ll discuss the unfortunate reality of My Forex Funds scams, and how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim. If you have ever invested in foreign currency exchange, then you probably know the risk involves; it’s not just about earning money – it’s also about avoiding potential losses due to dishonest traders and scam artists. 

Thankfully, there are precautions you may take to guarantee the security of your money. Here you can explore some ways to keep yourself protected from being taken advantage of in the world of forex investments. So read a complete My Forex Fund review.


Address: 9131 Keele Street, Vaughan, Ontario, ON, L4K 2N, Canada

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Regulated? There is no regulation

Domain Age Information of My Forex Funds

Domain Name

Date Registered

July 15, 2020

Domain Age

2 years, 9 months, 10 days, 6 hours, 48 minutes, 29 seconds

What is My Forex Funds?

Untrustworthy prop trading company is situated in Toronto, Canada. Although the company states that 4000+ traders from 80+ countries are presently employing its offerings. The domain name for My Forex Funds was registered in July 2020. This creates the impression that the business is sincere and genuinely wishes to support underfunded traders.

They claim to sponsor top-notch talent and don’t impose a monthly fee, which is their primary point of uniqueness. They let traders know that there is a low entrance hurdle for traders looking for capital in their prop trading business. Additionally, My Forex Funds purports to offer trading instruction on a variety of subjects, including managing risks, support and resistance, and many others.

The Forex market can be a tricky business, and all too often people get caught in scams and fraudulent activities. Whether you’re new to the Forex market or have been trading currencies for years, there are certain risks associated with it that we should all be aware of. 

About My Forex Funds Scams

My Forex Funds has a negative notoriety for defrauding traders rather than assisting them. Instead of wasting your time signing up with them and spending their funds for “access funding,” it is advisable to make investments in incredibly reliable financial and trading services.

This business provides three different sorts of financed accounts to needy traders, just like every other purportedly genuine trading firm. Traders must employ a trading simulation (demo) first before moving on to the next step of the trading combo.

Where will the trade occur? 

The broker’s name is Traders Global Group. This unregulated business offers the MT4 platform that the students will use to trade. Traders Global Group, according to My Forex Funds, is not a broker and doesn’t need a license because of this.

 Since anyone offering a trading platform is working as a broker, the granting of a license must have a convincing justification.

MyForexFunds unfavorable reviews

The business is using some online review sites for phony reputation management. In reality, if you search about this broker on the web, you will get a mixed My Forex Funds reviews

In addition, My Forex Funds has a dismal and lengthy history of taking student deposits but neglecting to create their accounts for trading. They have a long and tragic history of deceiving people who think that by trading, they will receive free money.

Drawbacks of My Forex Funds

Sluggish service to clients: despite recent improvements, MFF has recognized that it is necessary to add more trader assistance representatives. Despite this, they can still be sluggish to respond.

Ownership-based fall: Many traders are confused by the fact that drawdown is based on equity rather than the account balance.

Account options: Because MFF offers so many different account types, it might be challenging to determine which regulations apply to which accounts. 

How to avoid being a victim of a My Forex Funds scam?

Unfortunately, forex scams are getting more prevalent. To protect yourself from these types of scams, it is important to be aware of some simple tips to help you safeguard your investments and avoid being scammed. 

Firstly, always research any broker or trading platform before signing up and make sure they have a good reputation in the market. Secondly, never give away personal details that can be used to access your investments without verifying their legitimacy. 

Lastly, keep track of your investments every step of the way so you can identify any discrepancies or fraudulent behavior quickly. You will be well on your way to protecting yourself against potential forex scams if you take the actions outlined here.


In conclusion of this My Forex Fund review, it is clear that forex funds scams are an issue that should not be taken lightly and can have long-term consequences for investors. Without a doubt, we strongly advise all investors and traders to steer clear of SH1 and related firms. Find a broker who is licensed and has reliable, good reviews if you genuinely want to trade online.

It is important to be aware of the risks involved with investing in Forex funds and to do your research before making any decisions. When it comes to investments, it is always best to practice caution and due diligence when considering any type of investment opportunity. By understanding the potential pitfalls associated with Forex funds, investors can avoid falling victim to these scams and make sure their hard-earned money is safe.

Scammed by My Forex Funds? Scam Helpers can help

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