Are you planning to trade with NortheStar broker? Or you have already invested money and want to know that NortheStar is legit or scam? Read this NortheStar Review compiled by Scam Helpers’ experts.

NortheStar Review – How safe is to invest here?

According to the Northe Star website, it is a wellness/supplement business that aspires to “reach their desired destination in life with our unique products and incomparable opportunities” for both affiliates and clients.

The website of the company is found at and claims to be an MLM company that specializes in nutritional supplements. The company doesn’t give a corporate address; however, Texas and Nevada are mentioned in its Rules and Procedures. According to the website Demitrius& Ashley Siruno and Ricky & Jessica Villanueva are the company’s founders & proprietors. Read this complete NortheStar review to know more about this broker.

NortheStar Products

There are three products available from NortheStar Products, which specializes in the health and wellness market. All of the products are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, which is always a good thing, but there is no specific information provided about NortheStar’s product partners.

The following supplements are advertised on NortheStar’s website:

  1. A tub of Stellar X, an “advanced green superfood mix,” costs $89 and contains 30 servings.
  2. A 30-serving tub of Polaris, a nootropic pill that is “blended with the ideal combination of substances to promote cerebral function, mind clarity, and energy levels,” costs $79 at retail.
  3. A pouch of 20 servings of Pandora, “the ideal product to boost overall wellness,” costs $49 at retail.

For $11.95, a shaker bottle with the NortheStar logo is also offered. Also, you can purchase several bundle packs that mix the products and their quantities.

  1. Complete Starter Nutrition Kit – $159
  2. Family Pack – $649.00 
  3. Starter Pack – $177.00
  4. Couples Pack – $449

How can you make money with NortheStar?

There are two key ways for NortheStar to profit from the business. The first method is to offer their goods to retail clients and charge a premium over wholesale prices.

The second method involves sponsoring new affiliates who make purchases and begin to receive payments under the NortheStar incentive structure.

Disadvantages of NortheStar

  1. To keep your membership, you must conduct sales or purchases each month.
  2. The business is still rather young.
  3. The founders previously worked for an MLM company that was charged with securities fraud. 

NortheStar Compensation Plan

Take a close look at Northe Star compensation structure if you’re thinking about signing up as an affiliate.

  1. Retail purchases and purchases made by affiliates who have been recruited earn commissions for NortheStar.
  2. Unilevel teams are used to distribute commissions, and there are also bonuses available based on performance and position.


NortheStar is very much a product of the time its founders invested in the company. They were in the top spot in Digital Profit one month, and then they launched NortheStar the following month.

The company sells typical MLM nutritional items from unidentified sources.Although I don’t criticize them on their face value, virtually every MLM organization that sells nutritional supplements also offers identical products. Forget to include non-MLM retailers of supplements.Although NortheStar remuneration structure isn’t outwardly insulting, it does encourage pyramid hiring.

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