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Address – 1 Lombard St, London, EC3V 9AA, United Kingdom

Warned By – Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Spain), Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

Read the NovoBrokers review and know why we put this broker on the list of scam brokers.

Novobrokers Review: Introduction

Novo brokers is an online trading platform claiming to provide tools and resources, and it also offers a variety of trading assets and instruments, including CFDs, crypto, forex, and more. The website can be found at, and the company is located in the United Kingdom. They can be contacted by email at [email protected] and by phone at +61370672163 or +14387013881.

Novobrokers introduces itself as a unique and legit trading platform. But all these claims are not true because we find that Novo brokers are involved in scam activities like forex and cryptocurrency scams. Read a complete Novobrokers review to know more about this broker.  

Novobrokers Review: Regulation

It is crystal clear that we are dealing with scam brokers because their signup process is very easy as they want new investors to quickly finish their Novo Brokers login and start trading. The name of the legal entity and the corresponding jurisdiction are not mentioned in the Terms and Conditions or any other legal documents. Novobrokers is said to have offices in the UK, Australia, Canada, Poland, Spain, and Belgium. A website that uses anonymity cannot lawfully operate in any of these jurisdictions due to the tight rules that are in place. 

The licensed broker always provides all the necessary information about the company on their website. So it is important to check the regulated license of a broker before investing with them.

Novobrokers Review: Warnings

The regulatory authorities in Spain – ComisiónNacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) and Canada – Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)— both issued warnings to Novobrokers. According to them, this broker provides financial services without any regulated license.

Novobrokers Review: Trading Conditions

Novobrokers offers five types of trading accounts, but these descriptions don’t include details regarding fundamental trading factors like spreads, leverage, and commissions. Additionally, there is no precise information provided in the terms and conditions. There is no way for us to determine what parameters and conditions are provided because Novo brokers does not have a trading platform.

How does the Novobrokers scam work?

Scam brokers usually contact you through various mediums, such as email, phone calls, and social media. If you find this advertisement intriguing, they will call to ask you to invest money with them. Their desire for additional funds to make investments will increase daily once you start investing with them. You will soon discover that they are unreliable and you were taken advantage of by a dubious broker or that you are a victim of a cryptocurrency scam, a forex scam, an investment fraud, a gift card scam, or any other online scam. We strongly advise you to always check a broker’s regulated license on the regulator’s website before investing with them.

Customer Complaints

With the aid of this review and after looking over all the favorable and negative Novobrokers reviews, we discovered that Novobrokers is a scam broker and involved in unlawful activities like forex or cryptocurrency scams. This broker is on our list of scam brokers 2022 so that you can stay away from them. 


It is clear from the NovoBrokers review that this broker is involved in scam activities. If you are a victim of the NovoBrokers scam, or forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, binary scam, bitcoin scam, or any other scam, contact us immediately.

File a chargeback for fund recovery if you were duped by Novobrokersor another fraudulent broker. Fill out a complaint form on the Scam Helpers website. You can get a free consultation from our experts, and we will guide you in the process of fund recovery.

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