Profitrop Review – Is the broker a scam or legit?

Profitrop promotes itself as a broker that can make investing in financial instruments simpler for inexperienced traders. Nonetheless, upon conducting this analysis, it was discovered that this is a regular online fraud aimed at people with limited know-how and expertise regarding the financial market. Read a complete Profitrop Review, and you’ll see that not all things are as good as they appear. 

Profitrop Website:

Profitrop Address: The British Virgin Islands

Profitrop Warning: British Columbia Securities Commission (Canada)

Profitrop Regulation?  Blacklisted, Offshore

The stark simplicity and lack of openness of the Profitrop website’s design are the first warning signs. The website doesn’t offer a physical address, social media accounts, or registration information; it only offers a single phone number with a UK country code. Also, the login is not user-friendly. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of information available about their business practices, making it challenging to identify the real power behind this shady enterprise. Traders should exercise caution when working with a broker who withholds fundamental information regarding its activities and whereabouts.

Their registration in the British Virgin Islands, an offshore territory with a reputation for lax regulatory oversight, is the only information shared on their website.

Profitrop Review: Regulation

A licensed broker’s regulatory status is essential to know. These brokers provide information on who runs the company, its geographical location, the jurisdictions in which it is authorized, and the agencies that oversee its operations. 

However, Profitrop Limited, which purportedly operates the website in question, does not appear to be registered in the British Virgin Islands despite being incorporated there. The legal paperwork of Profitrop does not state the name of the legal entity nor which jurisdiction it applies to.

Profitrop Review

Profitrop Review: Trading Software

Profitrop states that MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is the most popular trading platform in the sector. However, upon signing up for an account, we find ourselves presented with a relatively basic web trading platform that does not offer much flexibility in terms of customization and advanced features.

Profitrop Review: Trading Instruments

Profitrop declares that they provide trading opportunities across all asset classes, but they do not offer particulars regarding its trading parameters except for leverage. Brokers that are trustworthy offer a range of different types of trading accounts tailored to the individual needs of clients based on the amount of capital and intent to invest. These brokers provide precise and illustrative data about their trading parameters — spread, commissions, order execution method, and more.

Trading Conditions

The trading platform displays a very small spread, almost zero. This suggests that the broker charges a fee but Profitrop does not provide any details about the cost of the transaction. Additionally, Profitrop allows traders to use leverage up to 1:400 for all its asset classes; which is not something that you would find in regulated brokers. Having high leverage can be profitable but also increases the odds of substantial and unexpected losses.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Profitrop claims to provide a wide range of payment methods for depositing funds, such as credit cards, PayPal, iDeal, and cryptocurrencies. However, obtaining wire transfer details needs to be done directly through the website administrator, creating an inconsistency between what is proclaimed by the company and what is actually possible. This discrepancy should be seen as a warning sign that this could potentially be a scam.

Profitrop Review: Minimum deposit and Withdrawal amounts 

Profitrop does not require a specific minimum deposit amount. When utilizing services from a reputable brand, you can open Micro and Cent accounts that demand a small initial investment. Withdrawals must be at least 150 USD, and verification of the account is necessary following the initial withdrawal. If a bonus was acquired by the account, it needs to carry out trades equivalent to the bonus amount divided by four within 60 days.

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