WaveSolutions Review – How safe is to invest here?

After conducting some research on investing forums and social media platforms, we learned that many people had negative experiences with WaveSolutions and left conflicting opinions about it. You should examine it before making an investment because it appears that WaveSolutions is an unreliable investment company. Read a complete WaveSolutions review, and you’ll see that not all things are as good as they appear. We’re going to expose a scammer.

Website: http://wavesolution.co/

Address: Zurich, Switzerland

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Regulated? Unregulated

Despite what this broker may assert, WaveSolutions’ inability to offer financial services is the most important aspect about it. Without a forex licence, this broker actually only exists to trick its customers into thinking it is a reliable business. It is simple to verify that WaveSolutions is conducting business on the market in flagrant violation of the law according to the website of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Additionally, this broker hides several significant details about its trading conditions. It ultimately becomes clear that WaveSolutions offers extremely risky leverage of 1:100 in addition to questionable payment choices. To discover more, read the sentences that follow.

Norms and financial stability

At first glance, the WaveSolutions website seems odd. As you’ll see in a moment, there are a lot of huge claims and promises made for reliable service and secure trading, but this isn’t the case at all.

This broker starts by stating that its main office is in Zurich, Switzerland. Keep in mind that any broker based here must possess a licence from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority in order to lawfully conduct business (FINMA). But WaveSolutions makes no reference to the topic, which immediately struck us as odd and led us to examine the FINMA registers. It was revealed that this business does not have a licence and cannot offer financial services. As a result, there is a good chance that the address it shows is also fake. Not to mention, this broker makes no mention of the company that owns and runs it. Due to the fact that we are unaware of WaveSolutions’ location or the identities of its administrators, it is fully anonymous.

This broker claims to be governed by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority as well as the Cyprus CySEC (FCA). These assertions, however, are equally false because we were unable to find any information about WaveSolutions despite searching the registers of both authorities.

Deposit and withdrawal procedures and fees

The lack of information regarding the payment options should not surprise you either.

WaveSolutions has once again blatantly lied about whether there is a Visa or MasterCard alternative, even if there is one. We tried utilising it to deposit, but an error message reading “Not Active Payment Methods” displayed.

The only options left are bitcoin payments, which is far worse. Recall that bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous and irrevocable; as a result, if you value the security of your money, avoid this market.

How does the scam work?

Don’t just give somebody your phone number or email address or any other personal information. Once they have your phone number, scammers will call you to try to get you to make an investment right away.

They will assert that trading with them carries no danger, but that is, to put it mildly, highly doubtful. Be prepared to learn that you can also generate an incredibly rapid return on your investment. This is obviously a blatant untruth. Scammers frequently force traders from making deposits that later vanish.

Before that, though, they might try to deceive their trading programme into faking an investment with your money. They could even trick you into believing that your results are really lucrative. To grow your investment before you discover everything is a scam, this is specifically done.

Expect to be slapped with a variety of hidden fees when you try to withdraw even a tiny amount, and the worst-case situation is that your withdrawal will be denied regardless of what.

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